The Pixipros are here to immortalize
the great moments....

Photoshoot Solo or in couple

Familly  Photoshoot 

Wedding Photographers 

 30 minutes of shooting with a Pixipro

*** if no Flash shooting is yet scheduled in your city, sign up to receive the dates of the next events.


Flash Shooting

Flash shoots are events organized by the PixEazy community of photographers.
Sometimes in partnership with an image coach and one or more make-up artists.

You can come with friends, places are limited and reserved in advance! 

  • un an exchange with the coach on your postures, your gestures ... he (she) answers, in all simplicity, to your questions.
  • a little makeup touch-up, if you like!
  • all is played and always in a good mood!

 1 photo offered 5 € each additional photo    

 1h of outdoor shooting with a Pixipro


City Shooting

10 Photos inclued
5€ each additional photo

 Minimun of 25 photos delivered

 The city shooting is a life style photo shoot.

It's a great way for a budding artist or model to start his or her photo book. 

The photo shoot takes place outdoors Luxembourg, Paris and Palma are beautiful canvases. Our clients sports coaches like the formula that allows them to boost the instagram profile (for example).

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