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Why use a professional photographer or videographer?

  Yesterday it was still fair to think that only big business structures and big show-offs could budget for their marketing communication or even invest in a digital marketing strategy. Today it is no longer a question of digitalization but certainly hyper-digitalization ...

Hyper-digitalization leads all professionals to have a presence on the Internet. And by the nature of things, the internet is a media greedy for content, photo and video. Calling on an image professional for the content of your website is natural today..

Whether for a photo or video report on your business and your uniqueness, an event report or conference coverage beyond the technicality and quality of photos and videos, a professional approach and involvement is essential. The pixipro photographer/video maker dedicated to the coverage of a professional event always brings a scripted external viewpoint that contributes to the creation of value, thus attaching strong images to your message, as a business leader or project leader.

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